Our Vision

A Letter from Our Founder


Brown Girlz R Educated (BGRE) got it's name because I truly believe that brown girls can be educated and that brown girls are educated. But it's more than just a name for me. BGRE is a mentoring program for girls between the ages of 13-24 seeking to inspire, motivate and support young women to pursue higher education.

My experience working with youth in my professional and in my personal life has given me an abundance of gratitude. The success that I have achieved in my life can all be owed to God. I did not have a mentor to encourage or instill wisdom when I was a young woman, and I want other young women to get the experience. BGRE is in the process of curating a list of professional women who would like to become mentors and developing campaigns for young women who would like to become mentees.

As forward-thinking women, we should impart our history, knowledge and wisdom onto other young women. More importantly, we should encourage these young women to become successful and empowered as they grow into adulthood and create their own success. Here at Brown Girlz R Educated, we want to build these young women's self-esteem and confidence, one diploma and degree at a time.


Shenetha Toliver
Founder, Mentor


Our Mission:

To transform the lives of girlz by educating, inspiring, and offering the ingredient for success to reduce poverty, raise their voices and change the world.